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As a licensed professional counselor I appreciate a good form. I also appreciate the time it takes to create professional forms that streamline the entire clinical process and help a clinician do their job even better. The forms I offer have been developed over a 10 year period. They are the same forms I use in my own private practice.

Paperwork is an unfortunate necessity for most of us who love counseling but not the paperwork that goes with it. I got tired of making copies of copies, running out of copies,  having unprofessional looking forms to work with etc. So I created my own and have passed them on to other professionals who are also looking for a set of forms that they will enjoy working with. Whether it be an entire set of intake forms, a starter kit for your private practice or just a set of SOAP notes and Progress notes you will find it on my SOAP Notes Example Site.

When you have your own set of templates, stored on your computer you will always have access to fresh, professional looking forms. Having clean, well laid out forms available just makes the job of documentation a little more palatable.

Wishing you all the best in your private practice!

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